Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Everything You Need to Know About Forever Interiors

The first Junction Design Crawl is an event brought to you by a select group of super fantastic business of the Junction business community. The one and only Forever Interiors - makers of eclectic furniture and stuff from reclaimed materials - will be hosting its first annual blackboard and sometimes greenboard event.  For as little as $20, a mere ordinary citizen of our fair city can actually buy a incredibly useful chalkboard  to do whatever one does with chalkboards. Feel free to try them out while at the store. I would encourage you to write a letter or draw an animal or some other life-form, but avoid if you will drawing buildings and cars. If for any reason you feel you cannot draw well, bring a friend that can draw and have him/her do the drawing while you take the credit. Our Chalkboards are made from reclaimed door parts. 

2903 Dundas street west

 by Martin Scott, of Forever Interiors

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