Thursday, July 28, 2011

Narwhal Art Projects: Storefront Installation

Narwhal is excited to be part of the Junction's Design Crawl on August 5, 2011 from 7-11pm. Please join us in celebrating 'Storefront' a new window installation by Joele Walinga and Alicia Nauta hosted in Narwhal's new project space at 2988 Dundas Street West. In honor of this special evening we will be hosting festivities in Narwhal's back courtyard. We invite you to join us at Narwhal for an evening of art installations, fireside snacks, and psychic readings. We also hope you will have the opportunity to visit the many amazing neighbouring spaces hosting live music, photography and other fantastic delicacies. Special thanks to Russet and Empire, Mjolk and Smash for organizing and involving us in this special event.

The Storefront by Joele Walinga and Alicia Nauta

‘I am for an art that grows up not knowing it is art at all, an art given the chance of having a starting point of zero.’ 
Claes Oldenburg

Walking down a Toronto street it is difficult to ignore the beckon of the windows where stoves and bathtubs, plants, mannequins, sleeping cats, unconvincing advertisements, cleaning equipment, wigs, desks with people at them, bins and racks of coloured fabrics, and wooden handmade shelves full of oranges and some greenery from something coniferous stare you straight in the eye. These storefronts were created through personal collections and years of accumulation, and often act as a time capsule to another era.
By recreating our version of an ‘old world’ store front, we pay homage to these sun faded and unusual pairings; bringing the commonplace into a window that strives to be uncommon. The Storefront is a celebratory piece: through the reassignment of these practical objects we wish to give credit and appreciation to the vast and inherent creativity that exists in everyone, regardless of career.

About Narwhal:

A celebration of creative living, Narwhal is an ever morphing installation space of ideas and projects. Based at 2988 Dundas Street West, Narwhal provides an informal and interactive platform for artists to exhibit site specific installations. Working with both local and International artists, Narwhal carries a curated selection of original art and special artist multiples. For more information on Narwhal and our sister space, Magic Pony, please visit: and

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