Friday, August 24, 2012

Telephone Booth Gallery

For this event, the TELEPHONE BOOTH GALLERY is exploring the theme of PARKS CANADA.

Film projection:
"Mystic Morning"  Directed by Jamie Travis (Courtesy of FilmCAN / Primitive Entertainment)
Music by Ohad Benchitrit, Don Kerr, Casey Mecija

Artwork: Tara Cooper, Clint Griffin, Daryl Vocat, Laura Peturson, Julia Vandepolder, Lisa Birke

Special Guest:  Shannon Gerard's CARL WAGON

The CARL WAGON Bookmobile is a gallery, printshop, studio, library, reading room, classroom, and community project—all contained within a 1988 VW Westfalia campervan!

The central ethos of the CARL WAGAN Bookmobile is KEENERISM.  How many merit badges can you earn during the Crawl?  Friendship, woodworking, paper craft – full list is on our site.

3148 Dundas Street West - Toronto - Ontario - M6P 2A1
T 647 270 7903 -

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