Monday, June 16, 2014


This summer we have moved the crawl to coincide with the Junction Summer Solstice Festival. The Design Crawl will start at 5pm and end promptly at 8pm. Which is a departure from our normal late night Narwhal backyard bonfires, we know. Don't worry we haven't gone soft! We're upping our game with a great big art installation hosted by the Junction Flea called the Junction Jubilee, and you're involved!

Here's how it works: Before you leave your house, pack yourselves a little night time picnic with snacks and a cozy blanket. Come to the Junction and enjoy the crawl, including Smash and Full Stop who will be hosting events for making flags, hats+ decorations, and bike, stroller+wagon decorating respectively. We're gonna get festive!

At 8pm, everyone will come to Smash and once we are all convened we are going to PARADE down to Vine Park, where we roll out our blankets and enjoy the longest day of the year.

This is definitely a MORE is more event, so bring your kazoos, mascot costumes, drums, bikes, wagons, strollers, candles, flashlights, yummy snacks, sneaky beverages, friends and family.

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